The Island with Bear Grylls contestant survives 30ft fall off coastal cliff

Bear Grylls' reality show took an unexpectedly dark turn when one of its contestants took a dramatic fall from a coastal cliff 

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The Island with Bear Grylls: the perfect opportunity to test the survival skills of the inhabitants of modern Britain, but probably not quite to this extent. 

Viewers were left in utter shock when the show's latest episode ended with contestant Patrick Dauncey (AKA Paddy) taking a dramatic tumble from a coastal cliff. A group of the survivalists had attempted to traverse a jagged coastal cliff face, right in the face of an incoming storm. 

The roar of the waves already threatened to consume the entire group; as Grylls explained, "These cliffs may look like solid rock, but erosion has weathered the surface so badly that it crumbles away under pressure." Suddenly, a piece of the cliffside gave way, sending Paddy tumbling down towards the rocks below. 

The episode left things unresolved; as the rest of the group rushed, screaming, towards his aid. Ben was seen calling for help on the group's satellite phone, as the waves crashed over Paddy and those aiding him; had the very worst happened? The teaser for the next episode only showed Paddy in clear pain, revealing that there were too many surrounding rocks for a boat to be sent in to rescue him. 

Don't worry, Paddy survived, and lived to tweet the tale. 

The Island with Bear Grylls airs on Mondays, Channel 4 at 9PM.