The Killing's Sofie Gråbol says working in England would be 'great'

As The Killing comes to a close on TV tomorrow actress Sofie Grabol says she is not sad about the end of Sarah Lund, and would like a role on British television

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The Killing might be coming to a close on our screens tomorrow night, but actress Sofie Gråbol who plays the Swedish detective Sarah Lund has revealed is keen to consider a career in Britain- but is not a fan of happy endings.

Gråbol, who used to watch Upstairs Downstairs growing up, told The Telegraph: “If some other kind of roles are offered from England, great. You can’t calculate, that’s my experience. For me, I’m always into the work I’m doing at the moment. I don’t think too much ahead.”

The actress has mixed emotions about the conclusion of the third series and the end to her jumper-wearing character: “I’m not emotional about leaving Sarah Lund- I mean, it’s fiction, she doesn’t exist. I’m sad to leave the people I’ve grown close to, but there’s a great beauty in moving on. It’s like you make a cake and eat it and that’s the great satisfaction. You don’t sit and cry about the cake being gone.”

Is the actress not fond of her character then? “I think any actor has an almost sadistic relationship with the characters we play because we want them to have it hard. I mean, who wants to play someone who is harmonious and happy? There would be no drama.”

News that Gråbol would like to take a role in the UK comes in the same week that Swedish actress MyAnna Buring- due to star in the next series of Downton- said she would like a role in a Swedish drama.

‘The Killing III’ concludes on Saturday on BBC Four at 9.00pm.