The Missing: We finally found out what happened to Oliver Hughes - what did you think?

Not everyone was convinced by the plot twists in the eighth and final episode

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Last night saw BBC thriller The Missing finally come to an end after eight nail-biting weeks of wondering what happened to Oliver Hughes.

Warning: This article contains spoilers

Viewers tuned in to find out the culprit behind the 5-year-old’s mysterious disappearance and, naturally, took to Twitter in their droves to discuss the story’s dramatic conclusion.

It emerged that the little boy had followed a fox into the road in front of a car driven by hotel owner Alain Deloix, who assumed he had killed him and took him to his brother for help with a cover-up.

Oliver was apparently murdered there when he woke up but many were unconvinced after a flash forward to Russia at the end saw father Tony banging on a door and screaming that a small Russian child was his son.

Here are some of the best Twitter reactions:


The BBC has been confirmed a second series of The Missing with an eerie new teaser trailer hinting at the abduction of a young girl.