The Night Manager: Elizabeth Debicki describes filming 'awkward' sex scene with Tom Hiddleston

'Afterwards, we parted ways and ten minutes later met at the tea trolley for a normal conversation'

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As The Night Manager grips the nation, fans have fallen perilously in love with many of the actors, including both Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Debicki.

In the series, their characters cross paths in thanks to Hugh Laurie’s arms Richard Onslow Roper, the pair ending up having a rather raunchy scene together.

However, while some would quite happily volunteer to be pressed up against a wall by Hiddleston, Debicki has described how they both actors just wanted it to be over and done with.

“We both wanted it to be over quickly. The faster we could shoot that bit, the better,” she told The Daily Mail. “We did it in one take and everyone on the set was like: ‘OK, I think we've got it now, let's move on.’ Which was a relief for both of us.”

She continued: “They're strange things, sex scenes. They're inherently awkward to do and the best-case scenario is that you get on well with the other person, as Tom and I did.

“Afterwards, we parted ways and ten minutes later met at the tea trolley for a normal conversation. It was as if it never happened.”

This is the second sex scene Hiddleston has featured in within the last month, with a particularly raunchy one (actually, a few more than just one) happening in the recently released High Rise.

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