The Night Manager: John le Carré cameos in BBC adaptation

The author made a guest appearance in episode four of the espionage-based serial, starring Tom Hiddleston 

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If you weren't too wrapped in the rising tension of BBC's The Night Manager adaptation, and Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston)'s slow seduction into the deadly yet alluring lifestyle of the criminal billionaire; you may have noticed a small surprise tucked into its running time. 

One of its most uncomfortably tense moments saw Corky (Tom Hollander) suffer a complete meltdown in the middle of a restaurant, punching a waiter and simulating fellatio on Pine; even declaring boss Roper (Hugh Laurie) "the blind man who cannot see the human bloody hand grenade in front of his bloody eyes."

Pretty eventful; which is perhaps how you may have missed a cameo from The Night Manager's own author John le Carré, who Pine himself must apologise to about the utter chaos caused by Corky. 

Le Carré had previously commended the liberties taken with the BBC's modern adaptation of his 1993 novel. "By now I am simply part of the audience, because this isn’t the film of the book, it’s the film of the film, which is what we all pray for," he stated.

"And it seems to me that this time round we may really have got it: film doing its own job, opening up my novel in ways I didn’t think anyone had noticed – and maybe I hadn’t noticed them."

The Night Manager continues on BBC One, Sundays at 9PM.