The Office US is leaving Netflix UK and fans are inconsolable

'Netflix, you ignorant slut!'

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The U.S. Office is going to be taken down from Netflix UK on 4 September, according to (usually fairly reliable) websites New On Netflix and What's On Netflix.

It’s a big loss for the service, given the sheer number of episodes of the show (201) and its incredibly high strike rate gag-wise, giving it high rewatch-ability.

Twitter isn’t happy about the impending lack of Schrute Bucks:

We’re waiting on comment from Netflix on whether all nine seasons will be disappearing, and if there are any plans to renew licenses so that the show can return.

The original UK version of The Office, produced by the BBC, isn’t going anywhere for the moment.

Other titles set to leave the UK service in September include a lot of the Nickelodeon catalogue, including Avatar, iCarly, Dora the Explorer, Spongebob Squarepants and Rugrats.

Last year, many UK users were disappointed when the entirety of Friends was uploaded to Netflix, but only for US viewers.

Netflix recently said however that the long-term plan is to break down US, UK and all region restrictions.