The Rock on SNL: Dwayne Johnson plays gun-toting Bambi in Disney reboots send-up

'It's time for them to pay, deer-ly'

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The gritty reboot of childhood hero franchises reached its inevitable conclusion over the weekend, when Bambi returned for vengeance.

Saturday Night Live aired a trailer skit for 'Bambi: Get Bucked' , with guest host Dwayne Johnson in the starring role.

Wearing a fur and big ears, the wrestler turned actor played a badass version of the deer, one who smokes cigars and fires double pistols.

"When I was a boy, they took away my mother," he intones. "Now it's time for them to pay - deer-ly."

There are plenty of other deer-related puns in the trailer, which also pokes fun at The Rock's Furious 7 co-star Vin Diesel and his incoherent voice.

The fim's theme song comes from a pseudo-Ludacris, with the incongruous party banger 'Wham Bam Bambi'.

Johnson gave a strong performance on SNL, also starring in a mock WWE promo shoot and playing President Obama.