The Voice UK is ‘pointless and has nothing to do with creativity’, said The Voice UK judge Boy George

The tweet has since been deleted

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Ever get the feeling waning pop stars becoming judges on The Voice has more to do with money than the search for musical talent? Well it’s been laid pretty bare with the appointment of Boy George.

“I’m thrilled to be a coach. I’m a huge fan of the show,” the Culture Club singer said when he was confirmed for the BBC show last week.

This is a complete turnaround from 2013, when he tweeted: “The Voice, it’s a TV show and these pointless vocal battles are proof that it’s nothing to do with creativity or growing! It’s drama!”

Either the show has dramatically improved since then (it hasn’t) or Boy George has had a change of heart (he’s since deleted the tweet).

Whoever runs The Voice UK's Twitter account picked up on the tweet, replying: “Thanks for watching”, to which Boy George responded: “Well, I am paying for it!”

Boy George joins the “talent contest” alongside Paloma Faith, replacing Sir Tom Jones much to fans’ disappointment.

“Shocked and disappointed about The Voice UK,” Jones wrote on Twitter. “I was TOLD yesterday. No idea, no conversation, no warning. To the fans, thank you for your support over the last four years.”