The Walking Dead actor Tyler James Williams bitten by a fan

'I think it was like ‘Haha! A joke!’ But it wasn’t funny'

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Walking Dead fans; calm down. Some of you are getting seriously out of control. 

Only a week ago, one of you had the police called out because a neighbour heard "loud noises and gun shots” coming from your house (the TV was turned up *that* loud for the mid-season premiere).

Before then, in December last year, one of you even bit Daryl Dixon himself (Norman Reedus) at a zombie convention, with the actor resorting to an Instagram post, pleading with fans “Please don’t bite me”.

Once again, a fan has gone a little too far, biting another actor from the show: Tyler James Williams, who plays Noah in the show.

“I got bit one time,” he told TV Guide (via Uproxx). “I think it was like ‘Haha! A joke!’ But it wasn’t funny. The last show I did, I was kind of ripped apart. So I think they thought it would be fun to re-enact it, maybe. I just did not see it coming. They went in for a hug and bit me on the shoulder. It’s was like ‘Haaaa!'

“That’s a thing that most people learn is you don’t bite. Like people say ‘Oh, I don’t bite.’ But they do. So y’know, just keep your teeth to yourself. That would be wonderful.”

So, please, Walking Dead fans; try to contain yourselves when around celebrities. They may be up for a selfie, maybe even a hand-shake, but - rest assured – they don’t want to be bitten. Maybe just let them be? 

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