The Walking Dead season 5: Air date, trailer and season 4 recap

The new series is set to be as gory as ever

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Fans have already been forewarned that season 5 of The Walking Dead will be as death-filled as ever – and now the reality is just weeks away.

The epic AMC zombie drama will air again in the US on Sunday 12 October and in the UK just 24 hours later.

The end of series 4 saw Rick, Michonne, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Sasha, Bob, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene trapped at Terminus.

But showrunner Scott Gimple has already said that season 5 will be “completely different” to four, and go to “new places”.

Andrew Lincoln has reprised his role as Rick Grimes, while Seth Gilliam has joined the cast as a new series regular, playing Father Gabriel Stokes.

Lincoln previously told Entertainment Weekly: “You find Rick in an incredibly dangerous and powerful place this season. He’s not in any doubt about his brutality as well as his humanity, and I think he’s made peace with that.

“But that does not negate him being a great father. I think that everything is about the children and his family. If you stand alongside him, you’re his family.

“If you stand against him, then you’re a problem.”

The Walking Dead season five airs on AMC in the US on Sunday 12 October at 9pm and on Fox TV UK in the UK on Monday 13 October.