Following yet another Negan filled episode of The Walking Dead, the fifth episode of season seven looks set to feature less of the villain and more of The Saviours. 

“Go Getters” will take place primarily on The Hilltop - somewhere that has yet to be explored this season - with Gregory now in danger. 

As shown in the clip, there will also be some scenes set in Alexandria, where Negan managed to visit last episode, as well as other locations, updating us on the likes of Carl and Enid. 

Meanwhile, for those still reeling from the extended episode four, you can check out The Independent’s review as well as the 10 most disturbing quotes from Negan

We also discuss the five major talking points from the episode, including Rick reaching his breaking point, Negan believing Maggie is dead, and Rosita's one-woman rebellion.

Episode five of The Walking Dead season seven will air next Sunday on AMC in the US and 9pm every Monday on FOX in the UK.