The Walking Dead season 7 episode 7 trailer teases war with Negan's Saviours

Next week's episode is the penultimate before the midseason finale

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The trailer for the next episode of The Walking Dead season seven certainly seems like it'll be an episode gearing up for an explosive mid-season finale.

With all the varying locations now introduced (Alexandria, Hilltop Colony, The Kingdom, The Sanctuary), the wheels are in motion for what looks to be a traumatic showdown led by Rick Grimes and The Saviours' leader, Negan.

Glimpsed in the trailer is Rick who is currently on a supply run with Aaron (Ross Marquand) - however, he's unaware that his son Carl is en route direct to the malevolent leader; the episode is expected to include a showdown between the two with its title - 'Sing Me a Song' - referencing a revelatory encounter that occurs in the comic books. We just hope the song isn't "Easy Street."

The episode will also give more screen time to The Saviours' compound which was the focus of the season's third episode which showed Daryl as Negan's prisoner. 

"We survive, we provide security, we bring civilisation back to this world," Negan can be heard saying in the trailer.

"Rules are what make it all work - there is always a cost," he continues before capping it with the chilling line: "We are the Saviours."

The latest episode of the AMC series focused on Tara (Alanna Masterson) who viewers saw collide with a brand new community; you can read the outing's five major talking points here.

The Walking Dead airs in the US on Sundays with the episode's UK premiere arriving the following evening at 9pm on FOX.