The Walking Dead season 8 release date: AMC renews zombie show a week before season seven begins

Season seven begins in a week

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Season seven of The Walking Dead may start in a week - the fate of Rick, Glenn, and Daryl still hanging in the balance - but already AMC has confirmed they will be renewing the show for season eight.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, we can expect the zombie drama’s eighth season to kick off late 2017; the last seven seasons began in October, so expect the show to begin once again in October. Season seven begins 23 October.

Meanwhile, details on season seven have been hitting the internet with frequency thanks to its impending start.

Recently, the first three episode titles were released along with their synopses, episode one’s title 'The Day Will Come When You Won't Be' being an eerie callback to season one.

Episode two is titled ‘The Well’ and will seemingly predominantly take place in King Ezekiel’s The Kingdom, while episode three is called ‘The Cell’, some fans believing it will focus on Tara.

With eleven character’s lives at threat, Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan hinted how multiple people will likely die in the first episode. You can find a compilation of everything we know so far about season seven here.