The Weather Channel throws serious shade at Stephen Colbert after naming winter storm after Late Show host

“Very early forecast indicate the storm starts small, really small, but will build momentum off the back of a much bigger and better storm

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Earlier this week, Stephen Colbert made a little dig at The Weather Channel while discussing storm ‘Stella’ which recently hit New York. 

“They have no authority to name anything,” The Late Show host said. “They are not part of the government. In fact, I have as much authority as them to name things, and I call this winter storm ‘Crazy Balls’.”

Not ones to back down, The Weather Channel decided to respond to Colbert, throwing huge amounts of playful shade towards the host.

The third winter storm of the 2017/2018 period will be named ‘Colbert’ after the American satirist. While seemingly flattering, The Weather Channel then explained why Colbert was particularly fitting.

“Very early forecast indicate the storm starts small, really small,” the forecaster said. “But after a few false starts in the Chicago area it will reach New York where it looks like Colbert will build momentum off the back of a much bigger and better storm. 

“Then, in a move surprising almost everyone, Colbert should make the jump to a major storm. But once that happens there’s nothing to worry about. It’s going to blow hard and have little or no impact. All signs are pointing to a nuisance storm, nothing to be taken too seriously.”


The joke isn’t exactly subtle; they were quite obviously joking about host Colbert’s rise in the ratings following the rise of Donald Trump, Colbert having overtaken Jimmy Fallon thanks to his ongoing war with the President. 

However, Colbert was relatively overjoyed and honoured by the announcement, telling his audience about the news before discussing Trump once more.


Meanwhile, Colbert recently brutally took down Rachel Maddow's 'revelation' about Donald Trump’s tax returns, mocking how long Maddow’s took to produce the evidence live on air.