The Witcher TV series coming to Netflix

Based on Andrzej Sapkowski's books

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The Witcher novels have been adapted on multiple occasions, the most famous being CD Projekt’s video game version, the third instalment having been praised to high heavens. 

Following increased popularity, Netflix is looking to produce a new series, based on Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels. 

The various stories all focus on Witchers: hunters who, at young ages, develop supernatural abilities, honed towards killing monsters. 

“I’m thrilled that Netflix will be doing an adaptation of my stories," Sapkowski — who will act as creative consultant — said in a press release, "staying true to the source material and the themes that I have spent over thirty years writing.”

Tomas Baginski has been confirmed to direct at least one episode: Baginski previously worked on the introductory videos for all three games.

Executive producers Sean Daniel and Jason Brown added: “The Witcher stories follow an unconventional family that comes together to fight for truth in a dangerous world. 

“The characters are original, funny and constantly surprising and we can’t wait to bring them to life at Netflix, the perfect home for innovative storytelling.”

The series will no doubt centre on Geralt of Rivia, who acts as the book’s protagonist and the game’s leading character. Already, fans are discussing who could take on the role, names being thrown around including Mads Mikkelsen, Viggo Mortensen, Hugh Jackman, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Whether Netflix will go for a known name or relative unknown remains to be seen.

Fellow producer Jarek Sawko added: “There is a moral and intellectual depth in these books which goes beyond genre. It is a story about today and today’s challenges, hidden under a fantasy cover. It is a story about us, about the monster and the hero inside all of our hearts.”