The X Factor: Thousands sign petition to replace Honey G with Samantha Atkinson

Atkinson's cousin wants to 'show X Factor bosses that they have made a huge mistake'

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Nearly 10,000 people have signed a petition to kick wannabe rapper Honey G out of The X Factor and replace her with former contestant Samantha Atkinson.

Yasemin Kara, a cousin of the 32-year-old landlady sent home by Over 25s mentor Sharon Osbourne on Sunday, is calling for Honey G to be removed from the live finals after viewers voiced their outrage over the decision on social media.

Kara is appealing for people to sign to “show X Factor bosses and ITV that they have made a huge mistake”.

“Samantha Atkinson is my cousin and I and thousands of other X factor viewers feel she was robbed of her place on live shows tonight, when Sharon Osbourne gave Honey G one of the places in the final 12,” the petition reads.

However, Atkinson herself has distanced herself from the petition, telling BBC Radio Humberside that Honey G, real name Anna Georgette Gilford, “deserves her right to be in the competition as much as anyone else”. She added that the pair had become “friends” during their time on the show together.

Honey G, who performed her take on Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” during the Judges’ Houses stage, has sparked speculation that she is not genuine because of her amusing dance moves, outfits and attempts at street slang. During her earliest audition, head judge Simon Cowell told her “You shouldn't be doing that!”, adding “Please, please just end this.”

Fans have compared Honey G making it through to “Trump getting this far in the US election” and declared that they will be “making a cup of tea” whenever the 35-year-old from “North Weezy” appears on screen.

Sharon also chose to keep Finnish singer Saara Aalto and 26-year-old returner Relley C in the competition which continues on Saturday at 8pm on ITV when the contestants will perform live for the first time.

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