X Factor fans threaten to boycott the show because Honey G got through to the live finals

'It's like Jedward and Wagner all over again'

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Honey G has made it through to the live shows, sparking swarms of The X Factor fans to boycott the talent contest in droves after failing to “feel her vibe”. 

The novelty act (or ‘aspiring rapper’ to some) made Over 25s mentor Sharon Osbourne’s final three on Sunday night after performing her ‘unique’ take on Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” in Los Angeles.

But while she certainly ticks the memorable box (“I’ll remember Honey G for the rest of my life,” said guest judge Robbie Williams), viewers were left fuming that a “joke” had beaten “genuinely talented” singers James Wilson, Christopher Peyton, Janet Grogan and Samantha Atkinson to a place in the next stage.

“It would be a big risk putting you through but I’ve taken risks all my life,” said Osbourne. “You’re gonna be stuck with me.”

One fan compared wild card Honey G making it through to “Trump getting this far in the US election”, while another declared that she will be “making a cup of tea” whenever the 35-year-old from “North Weezy” appears on screen.

Honey G, real name Anna Georgette Gilford, was the second controversial wannabe to anger Twitter over the weekend, with Louis Walsh’s decision to keep Bradley and Ottavio (Bratavio) in his Groups category instead of girl band Four of Diamonds leaving viewers outraged on Saturday.

“It’s like Jedward and Wagner all over again,” summed up one fan nicely, while some called out others for failing to understand after 13 years that The X Factor is “an entertainment show that producers carefully cast to carry two months of lives shows”. 

The remaining 12 contestants will perform live for the first time next Saturday, when Honey G will be hoping to prove the haters wrong. She originally failed to get a place in the Six Chair Challenge but was brought back after telling Sharon she was “making the biggest mistake of her entire life” by sending her home.

The X Factor airs on Saturday and Sunday on ITV at 8pm