This Breaking Bad tribute video will remind you just how outstanding the show was

Video is easily the best of the (plentiful) Breaking Bad tributes online

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Last summer if I wasn't writing about Breaking Bad I was watching it, and if I wasn't watching it I was talking about it with friends and coming up with wild theories that I'm delighted to say were nearly always wrong.

It was an all-consuming show that you looked forward to like a paycheck every Monday morning, but all too soon it was all over.

In the months that followed its brilliance has gathered a little dust thanks to our memories of it fading, but this new tribute video will remind you just what a jaw-dropping series it was.

It is the painstaking work of French filmmaker Alexandre Gasulla, who previously made a widely-shared Stanley Kubrick tribute, and very thoughtfully and artfully traces Walter White's story, hitting all the crescendos while including the little touches and nuances that made it so special.

It's eight minutes long but worth investing the time in, building to a moving climax.

Roll on, Better Call Saul.