This replica of the Friends apartment is made entirely out of paper

Tiny fridge magnets and everything

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Yet more proof that Friends is immortal and that the Earth will one day be scorched by the Sun as The Rembrandts' 'I'll Be There For You' plays humanity out, a superfan has recreated Monica's apartment from the show  using just paper and presumably many hours of her finite life.

Every detail is in there from the classic frame peephole to the French posters. Hell, there's even a tiny, slightly creepy picture of Ross and Ben resting on a sideboard.

"I use tweezers, a precision knife, paper, glue and paint to make all my models," Bruna Conforto, who made the 50cm x 40cm replica told BuzzFeed.

"Now I can make a model in two weeks, but Monica’s apartment took almost two years to be done.







"I was working and studying at the time, so I had only one day a week to do, and this was the first model that I did, so I had to try different techniques to get what I wanted."

Last week, someone on YouTube sequenced every episode of Friends simultaneously, resulting in some mad, Dadaist nightmare.

N.B - Her Diagon Alley from Harry Potter is even better: