Tina Fey to produce new 'Cheers-style' comedy after 30 Rock ends


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Tina Fey is planning a new comedy series after 30 Rock -  but the comedian has decided her next role will be behind-the-scenes.

Fey, who is also known for her roles in Date Night and the sketch show Saturday Night Live, has accepted the role of executive producer on a “Cheers-style show”, according to reports by the entertainment website Deadline. The show will reportedly follow the life of a young woman who tries to reconcile with her father.

It has been written by 30 Rock’s Colleen McGuinness and will be produced by Little Stranger, Fey’s own production company. She is expected to reunite with Robert Carlock, who produced 30 Rock, for the series, which will be set on Fire Island, New York.

A bidding war has ensued between television networks over another show in the pipeline, which is believed to be a comedy about a one-time all-female college that changes its policy to welcome male students. It has been reported that Matt Hubbard, who also worked on 30 Rock, will assist Fey in her role as executive producer for the show, which is as of yet unnamed.