Top Gear last episode: Jeremy Clarkson 'replaced' by an elephant called Jeremy in final show with James May and Richard Hammond

The 10ft plastic replica is thought to be making an appearance in the final episode of the series

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It looks like there could be a literal elephant in the room as the last episode of Top Gear featuring trio Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond is aired.

Jeremy (that’s also the name of the elephant), was borrowed by showrunners and transported down the M1 on the back of a lorry to the BBC studios in Surrey.

The 10ft plastic replica, which weighs almost half a tonne, is thought to be making an appearance in the final episode of the series as a visual gag to mark Clarkson’s future absence from the show.


Commercial design consultant Andrew Fenton, who runs Hull-based InterTech Media UK, was approached by the producers who wanted to borrow the elephant which normally stands in an urban wind farm.

Mr Fenton said he offered the show the use of replica baby elephants because they would be easier to transport, but they declined, saying they wanted the big one.

"I got a text from the show when he arrived saying they had got it and they were really chuffed.

"He looks quite aggressive, like a proper elephant."

Chris Evans was recently confirmed as Top Gear's new host, news which was met with predictably mixed reactions from fans of the hit motoring show.

Despite saying he would "never run for office", Evans had been the favourite replacement by many as soon as reports emerged that Clarkson would likely be leaving the show.

May and Hammond are expected to turn down a multi-million pound BBC offer and instead join Clarkson on a brand new show, with frontrunners being Netflix, Amazon, and ITV.