Trending: HBO opens up The Newsroom

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Walk with me... yesterday HBO released the first trailer for The Newsroom, the latest from Aaron Sorkin, the man behind the pen behind The West Wing, Moneyball and The Social Network.

The show stars Jeff Daniels as a TV news anchor in the middle of a minor meltdown at the state of the news (and the world). In it, a video of Daniels goes viral after he angrily explains to a group of students why America isn't the greatest country in the world. Daniels is later seen throwing his BlackBerry at Camera One and generally looking quite close to a Howard Beale in Network-style breakdown. A bit like Judd Hirsch in the opening scene of Sorkin's last TV show, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, in which a veteran producer blows his top live on air. In shorts, it's very Aaron Sorkin.

But the mere fact that Sorkin is working with HBO should be enough cause for enthusiasm; it was the network-gloss of Studio 60 that ruined it for many. The Newsroom's supporting cast also bodes well, including Brits Emily Mortimer and Dev Patel and The Daily Show's Olivia Munn.