True Detective season 2 finale: What went down and how the internet reacted

Things got pretty bleak and sentimental

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True Detective season 2’s final episode last night, continuing its general atmosphere of ‘meh’ and ‘wut?’

*Spoilers ahead, obviously*


Frank (Vince Vaughn) - He took out Osip and McCandless as planned, but failed to realise the loose end that was the Mexican drug dealers and was killed in the desert. He offered the $1 million in his suitcase for his life but wasn’t willing to part with what they demanded - his suit. He got stabbed in the gut and wandered the desert to his death seeing visions of his father.


Ray (Colin Farrell) - In a hugely sentimental ending, Ray made the mistake of trying to see his son (who we discover is definitely his son), allowing Burris the time to place a tracker on his car. It all ended in a gunfight in a forest where Ray went down in a hail of bullets (as did Paul). His son got his badge and offered a salute in the school canteen. It was all very Michael Bay.


Ani (Rachel McAdams) - Actually madfe it to Venezuela! She met up with Jordan there, the only protagonist to survive.

It all felt like creator Nic Pizzolatto was trying to redress season 1’s fairly soppy finale with the bleakest one possible, and viewers were pretty miffed (as they have been the whole season):