Twin Peaks season 3 teased by cast members old and new in behind-the-scenes video

'Revisiting all this territory, there's a freshness to it'

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A new Twin Peaks video has been released showing cast members - old and new - teasing the upcoming revival which will arrive in 2017.

The brief clip previews Showtime's miniseries - which David Lynch recently finished shooting - and features several of the original actors revealing when they first heard the 90s cult hit was to return.

Kyle MacLachlan, who is heading up the cast as Dale Cooper, stated that the journey the characters are set to go on is "remarkable" while James Marshall, who's returning as James Hurley, added: "[Twin Peaks] discovers, in a poetic way, the whole human experience."

New cast members Robert Knepper (Prison Break) and Chrysta Bell also teased what's to come.

In the clip, actor Miguel Ferrer (Albert) reveals how David Lynch and Mark Frost called him up and said "Have you heard the rumours about Twin Peaks? [They're] all true."

Harry Goaz (Andy Brennan), Kimmie Robertson (Lucy Moran) and Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs) can also be seen in the clip.

McLachlan added: "Revisiting all this territory, there's a freshness to it, there's a lightness to it."

The majority of the show's original cast will be joined by an array of high-profile talent including regular Lynch collaborator Laura Dern, Michael Cera, Naomi Watts and Amanda Seyfried. The entire cast is comprised of a humungous 217.

Showtime's CEO David Nevins described the series - which will consist of 18 episodes - as 'stupendous.' It is expected to hit screens in the first half of 2017 and will be Lynch's first project since 2006 film Inland Empire.