Twin Peaks season 3 teaser reveals familiar faces 25 years on

David Lynch's cult classic TV mystery is returning to screens in less than three weeks 

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Twin Peaks already knows it has its fans enraptured, hailing the long-anticipated return of director David Lynch, and a revival of his most beloved creation. 

Which is why we've seen only a minuscule amount of the show's brand new series, with its elusive teasers focusing either on the town itself or, in a classic move for the director, simply David Lynch chowing down on a doughnut

With only three weeks left to go, Showtime finally gave fans something a little more substantial, in a brief teaser highlighting some of the show's returning characters. 

Along with a shot of Kyle MacLachlan's Agent Dale Cooper, there's a first look at Ed Hurley, Carl Rodd, Laura Palmer’s mother Sarah, Deputy Andy Brennan, and Deputy Hawk.

What's yet to be seen, however, is any of the show's new cast members, with its overall list of characters tallying up to an impressive 217 actors, including the likes of Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried, Laura Dern, Monica Belucci, and Michael Cera. 

Twin Peaks | David Lynch Returns as Gordon Cole | SHOWTIME Series (2017)

Twin Peaks will be an 18-hour event series, starting off with a two-hour premiere on Showtime 21 May, at 9pm PT. It will air the following day in the UK on Sky Atlantic.