Top Gear Patagonia Special: Twitter reacts to 'controversial' part two ending

It has been talked about for months, but some viewers found the much-anticipated ending a disappointment

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It was billed as a controversial ending set to include a police chase, smashed up cars and an intervention from the Embassy – but some were less than impressed by the Top Gear: Patagonia Special ending.

While the closing 15 minutes of last night’s part two of the Top Gear Christmas special did include all of the above, some viewers were disappointed it did not live up to the hype surrounding the episode.

Top Gear: Patagonia Special - review

After reports that Jeremy Clarkson’s team wanted to set fire to their sports cars for “dramatic effect”, and complaints from the Argentinian government about the BBC’s “inadequate” decision to broadcast the episode, viewers finally saw the much-anticipated finale last night.

The episode saw the 31 strong Top Gear production crew chased out of Argentina by a gang of protestors angered by the number plate on Clarkson’s Porshe, H982FKL, which was seen as a deliberate reference to the 1982 Falklands War.

The footage showed the crew driving to the Argentinian border with police escorts in an attempt to get away from the gang, who followed the production team and appeared to smash the windows of their cars.

But the ending didn't disappoint for some viewers:

Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May stayed behind in their hotel as they were warned they were the key target and should not drive to the border with the crew.


Not that the threesome seemed at all worried – in a final scene that parodied Butch Cassidy, they made a run for it as fake gun shots rang out.