vvatch.tv: This never-ending streaming site of weird YouTube is impossible to stop watching

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Kiss goodbye to the rest of your day, because a website has been created that plays curated bizarre YouTube clips back-to-back 24 hours a day.

vvatch.tv is sublime, dadaist and entrancing in its simplicity, consisting of full-screened YouTube clips that have no apparent theme or pattern.

One second you’re watching vintage wrestling, the next it’s a robot arm failing to hammer a nail into some wood or a trippy 90s visual or Mitt Romney’s face slowly shrinking.

If you’re reading this sentence you’ve done well not to have clicked and gone down the rabbit hole already. Seriously, you could spend hours on this thing, it’s like the best desktop wallpaper ever.

Other channels also exist, dedicated to music and movies, and vvatch is soon to allow people to watch “collectively” a la Twitch.

If you're keen to lose more hours of your life to YouTube, Paramount recently launched a channel called The Vault consisting of hundreds of free classic movies.