Watch Benedict Cumberbatch impersonate Ja Ja Binks on The Graham Norton Show

The actor also demonstrated he can finally say the word 'penguin' correctly

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Benedict Cumberbatch gave the Cumberbitches – or ‘Cumberpeople’ as they’re now apparently known – a lot to talk about after appearing on The Graham Norton Show on Friday night.

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After denying rumours he was involved in Star Wars: Episode VII, the actor went on to do a scarily accurate Jar Jar Binks impression

“You don’t make much money out of doing a good Jar Jar, the most loathed character out of any franchise ever, rightfully so in my opinion,” he said .

Prompted by Graham Norton, he then unleashed his ferocious Smaug voice from The Hobbit on unsuspecting fellow guest Miranda Hart.

“So Miranda, is your heart beating faster or slower than before?” he roared.

The actor, who stars as Alan Turing in the forthcoming film The Imitation Game, was also questioned by the show’s host about his inability to say the word penguin.

“Of all the question we had, the one that came up most often was 'ask Benedict to say the word penguin'”, Norton said.


Cumberbatch admitted to being “completely terrified of the word” after appearing to mispronounce it in a BBC documentary he narrated.

But after being asked again, the actor showed he did know how to pronounce the word, describing it as “a real sense of achievement”.

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