Watch Kanye West’s American Idol audition in full

'I wanted to do something original, it has one of the judges' names in it.'

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After months of teasing, Kanye West’s American Idol audition has finally hit the internet, and it’s kind of an awkward one minute and 31 seconds.

Given the song’s name check to judge Jennifer Lopez, Kanye decided to spit a verse from 'Gold Digger', but a cappella it sounds pretty odd.

I worship at the altar of Kanye, but were he some average Joe of the street, I can’t imagine this performance would actually have seen him through to the next round.

“My name is Kanye and I’m from the south side of Chicago,” Yeezy tells the judges, “originally I was producer, no-one really believed in me.”

“Well I hope it works out for you,” the panel jokes.

His wife Kim Kardashian was also there.

“I’m not nervous because I do really believe in him,” she told an amused Ryan Seacrest.

The stunt is a last hurrah for American Idol, which it was announced last year has been cancelled.