Watch Pat Sharp's Fun House make a spectacularly low budget return

As ever, it was a whole lot of fun

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Fun House is back, you guys! But it hasn't been revived by CITV or a streaming service, but by family pub restaurant Fayre & Square.

Sharp and original pom-pom-shaking twins Melanie and Martina reunited in a dimly lit soft play warehouse to host a mini-edition of the kids' game show.

It was a big part of a lot of people's childhoods during its 1989 to 1999 run, due in no small part to its quite fantastic theme tune:

The reunion episode saw four family teams compete for a £1,000 holiday, with events including a quiz, a good old-fashioned gunging and a 'build-a-burger' relay game that presumably was designed to tie in with the pub funders.

An unfortunately mullet-less Sharp said of the day: "The return of Fun House as a one-off live event was as wacky, fun and outrageous as you could wish for!

"It was a brilliant twist to allow adults to take part this time around and we had such an exciting day re-running the fun, with prizes, gunge, and all the excitement you would expect from Fun House!"

Hopefully this sets a precedent for a proper Fun House revival on TV. A Crystal Maze reboot would be nice while you're at it, TV commissioners, with the show soon to serve as the theme for a pop-up bar in London.