Westworld season 1 episode 4 preview trailer: Anthony Hopkins goes full Hannibal Lecter

'So I will ask you nicely: don’t get in my way.'

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Three episodes in, the world is has now properly got its teeth into HBO’s new big budget drama Westworld and its many mysteries.

As it did with Game of Thrones season 6, HBO has begun putting previews for next week’s instalment online after every episode, and the latest teases some interesting encounters.

There’s definitely a Groundhog Day element to the show, and the teaser opens on Bernard yet again quizzing Delores while she’s booted into ‘safe mode’ as it were, promising her her freedom if she can solve a maze - presumably the same one Ed Harris’ Gunslinger has been looking for.

We then jump to Harris, who encounters a blonde woman/host that appears to be heading up a group of bandits and sporting a mysterious tattoo - possibly a clue to said maze.

There’s also brief glimpses of the park’s two newcomers, prostitute Maeve straddling a safe and a vast quarry.

The trailer ends with an ominous warning from Anthony Hopkins’ Dr. Robert Ford - it’s still unclear whether he’s a force for good or evil.

“We know everything about our guests, as we know everything about our employees,” he tells an unseen character with Hannibal Lecter-esque calmness. “So I will ask you nicely: don’t get in my way.”

Note that that wasn’t a question at all.

Westworld continues on Sunday nights on HBO in the US and Tuesday nights on Sky Atlantic in the UK.