Episode seven of Westworld - titled "Trompe L’Oeil" - caused quite a stir following a certain fan theory being confirmed and the death of another significant character. ** Spoilers ahead **

Still here? Well, you likely know that Bernard isn’t the human many thought he was. Instead, he’s actually a host, created in private by Anthony Hopkins’ Dr. Ford, and a killing machine.

What’s perhaps more interesting is that in the trailer for episode eight Bernard still remembers murdering Theresa: surely, Ford should have wiped his memory within minutes?

“Why did you make me kill her?” he asks Ford in a private meeting, to which the villainous creator answers with a Frankenstein quote: “One man’s life or death is but a small price to pay for the dominion I should acquire.”

Also in the clip, Thandie Newton’s Maeve continues trying to escape Westworld while Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores has finally reached her ‘home’. 

Dolores also tells William “This is what Arnold wants,” continuing the story of the park’s mysterious co-creator. The Man in Black also reappears having been absent from the last episode. 

Meanwhile, Westword has been renewed for a second season: however, we may have to wait until 2018 for the show to return to out TV screens.