What gets my goat! 'Room 101' returns

A new set of celebrities reveal their pet hates. Jonathan Owen investigates

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Whether it is an annoying relative, the irritating habits of total strangers, a detested food, or the sound of fingernails on a blackboard, life is full of things many would be glad to banish.

Here, a number of well-known Britons reveal their personal pet hates. From the bizarre – friends who take up new hobbies – to the mundane – people who are slow to pay in shops – nothing is spared.

Hated food and drinks, places and even a sports team are included in the things certain celebrities cannot bear. Ranging from comedian Jack Whitehall to singer Paloma Faith, they are among the guests on a new series of Room 101 starting on BBC1 on Thursday, who will argue for the things that irritate them to be consigned to the room depicted in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four as containing "the worst thing in the world". A wider interest in the things we love to hate has seen audience figures more than double since it was brought back by the BBC this year after a five-year hiatus.

Deborah Meaden


Hates When people don't have their money ready at the till

This is people who don't get their money out until the cashier says: "£50, please." Then they look sur-prised: "Oh, I've got to pay" – having seen all their goods come through.

Other pet hates People who use the phrase "with all due respect".

Victoria Coren

Writer and broadcaster

Hates Windows that don't open, or only open slightly

You're told it's for your own safety but, somehow, when you hear those words, it's you being restricted and someone else taking control. When I hear it, I just want to smash my way through the window with a hammer.

Other pet hates Naked people in public changing rooms

Paloma Faith


Hates Fifty Shades of Grey

First of all, it's written with the worst English imaginable. The second thing is it's as if feminism never existed. And then the third thing is that I think it gives a bad message to the men and women who read it about women's sexuality.

Other pet hates Ugg boots, jobsworths, and overnight success.

John Craven


Hates Electronic books

With a real book, it's a very physical thing... electronic books are just another gadget. And my real worry is that, eventually, so many people will go for this easy, electronic read that we'll start losing our bookshops, and I don't want books to disappear.

Other pet hates Spitting, stuffed marrows, Kindles.

Miranda Hart

Writer and actress

Hates Smartphones

We are all addicted to our phones... [which means] we're not communicating. We're in this sort of world of just looking at a screen, so I worry about what's happening to people's imaginations.

Other pet hates Fruit and vegetables, the phrase "out of context", weather reports, and her own breasts.

Greg Davies


Hates Friends with new hobbies

I have friends who go, "Oh yeah, course, I'm into cycling now." Oh, are you? Are you into cycling? Fascinating... I'm all for people having new hobbies and interests, I just want them to never talk to me about them.

Other pet hates An old man in a village in Spain, interviews with members of the public.

Reggie Yates


Hates Bluetooth headsets

They're annoying, and, unfortunately, the majority of the people that use them are annoying …They think they look cool. They have their phone clipped on their belt, just in case you didn't know this was connected to that.

Other pet hates Yoghurt drinks, false nails and the hip-hop handshake.

Jack Whitehall


Hates Glamping – glamorous camping

It's not a real camping experience. Camping should be a real experience – five members of the family in a horrible little tent, fighting over the last wet wipe.

Other pet hates Shared tables, metrosexuality, and women on hen nights.

Phil Tufnell

Former England cricketer

Hates The Australian cricket team from 1990 to 2002

They made my life a misery for 12 years – I think for the five Ashes series I participated in. Won none... and they used to give you stick. Ian Healy said to me, just as Shane Warne was coming up to bowl, "Oi, Tuffers, can you lend me your brain? I'm building an idiot."

Other pet hates Voices that go up at the end of a sentence, hors d'oeuvres, and tipping.

Hugh Dennis


Hates Las Vegas

I thought it would be like in Casino or Ocean's Eleven but, actually, Las Vegas is a bit like a cross between a motorway service station, Alton Towers and a cross-channel ferry. It's just miles and miles of fruit machines and terrible food.

Other pet hates Giant charity cheques, people who make you sign cards, and rhubarb.