What to watch on TV tonight from Murdered by My Boyfriend to Police Under Pressure

England are out of the World Cup and it's time to turn on something else

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Murdered by My Boyfriend 

9pm, 12.35am and 2.50am, BBC3

A depressingly familiar drama about the romance between a teenage girl and an older man, who, although initially charming, soon turns into a violent control freak.

Police Under Pressure 

9pm, BBC2

“We are one of the worst performing forces in the country,” admits the head of South Yorkshire Police, already tainted by the Hillsborough tragedy.

This two-part documentary observes the increasingly cash-strapped police at work in Sheffield, where the influx of 700 Roma families in one neighbourhood is creating tensions; a night-time curfew on teenagers is due to end in a deprived and predominantly white British part of town; and officers fear they are about to become “the meat in the sandwich” during an English Defence League march.

How to Fix a Football Match: Channel 4 Dispatches

7.30pm, Channel 4

Morland Sanders goes undercover to investigate allegations of match-fixing around the globe.

The Culture Show: Tents – The Beginning of Architecture

10pm, BBC2

In an overcrowded world faced with a housing crisis, could living under canvas be the answer? Tom Dyckhoff investigates the history and future of the tent.