What to watch tonight: TV choices - 25 October

The Emmys ignored Tatiana Maslany's performance in science-fiction clone drama Orphan Black, but that doesn't mean that you should

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Orphan Black - 9pm and 9.45pm, BBC3

That Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany missed out on an Emmy nomination after her terrific multiple performances in this cloning drama is as mysterious as the lack of noise surrounding BBC3's airing of the show. The first series ends with a double episode, as Alison, Cosima and Sarah must decide whether to trust their creators. 

The Who - The Story Of Tommy - 9pm and 2.55am, BBC4

He's the deaf, dumb and blind kid who sure plays a mean pinball, etc. The making of the Who's acclaimed 1969 "rock opera", in typically forensic BBC4 detail.

Killer Whales: Beneath The Surface - Natural World - 9pm, BBC2

Killer whales, as their common name suggests, were once considered rather mindless hoodlums - predators of the deep - until one was studied in captivity in 1964. This revealed the marine mammal's profound intelligence, social interactions and parental instincts, and this film shows how modern studies continue to surprise.

The Blacklist - 9pm, Sky Living

Red's curiosity is piqued by the abduction of a witness testifying against a drug trafficker, and he identifies a professional kidnapper on his list as the likely perpetrator. And Liz digs deeper into her husband's murky past...

Man Down - 9.30pm, Channel 4

Greg Davies's sitcom is probably quite a few men (and women) down after last week's opener as it's an acquired taste. This week Dan (Davies) tries to win back Naomi with the help of two bags of mince and a welder called Mad Nobby.