What to watch tonight: TV choices- 6 November

Penultimate Poirot leads today's picks

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Agatha Christie’s Poirot- 8pm, ITV

In the penultimate mystery in the long-running series, David Suchet’s sleuth, depressed after failing to prevent a murder by a notorious art thief, heads for the Swiss Alps for a rest. Or not. Simon Callow guests.


Ambassadors- 9pm, BBC2

This Mitchell-and-Webb-as-diplomats comedy hasn’t really done it for me, having neither the satirical bite of, say, Veep, or the understated humour of James Wood’s other sitcoms, such as Rev or Freezing. The final episode has a party at the embassy marking the Tazbek president’s jubilee disrupted by an anti-government uprising.


The Culture Show: Wars Of The Heart- 10pm, BBC2

James Runcie examines how the writers Graham Greene, Henry Green and Elizabeth Bowen and the poet Hilda Doolittle revelled in the creative and personal freedom provided by the wartime Blitz on London in the 1940s.


Cinema’s Exiles: From Hitler To Hollywood- 10.15pm, PBS America

When Casablanca won three Oscars in 1944, many of its cast and production team were émigrés from Nazi Europe. More than 800 film professionals fled their homeland after the rise of Hitler in 1933. The second part of this documentary considers the careers of Billy Wilder, Fritz Lang and Fred Zinnemann. Sigourney Weaver narrates.


Veep- 10.35pm, Sky Atlantic

Selina is embarrassed when the White House releases an unflattering photo of her taken in the situation room during the hostage crisis.