Woody Harrelson on Emmy nomination for True Detective: Thanks, but I'm voting for Matthew McConaughey

Pair played detective duo in HBO drama

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Woody Harrelson has responded to his 2014 Emmy nomination in classy fashion, saying he is "flattered" by it but believes his True Detective co-star Matthew McConaughey is more deserving of the award, who he says "delivered the best performance of his life".

Both actors gave very strong performances in the HBO show and were central to its success, but it was McConaughey's brooding, introspective character Rustin Cohle that made it so captivating.

Harrelson was quick to recognise this, saying in a statement given to The Wrap: "It's flattering to be nominated, but I have to throw my vote to Matthew, who I thought delivered the best performance of his life. Which is saying something."

McConaughey has been clearing up at awards ceremonies over the past year, though mostly for film thus far and chiefly Dallas Buyers Club, which won him a Best Actor Oscar.

True Detective, which will star yet to be announced new leads for season 2, is sure to scoop plenty of Emmys however, though it faces strong competition from Breaking Bad's masterful final season and the latest batch of Game of Thrones episodes.