'People' tops magazines with the most Twitter followers

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People, Time, and InStyle claim the most followers of any magazines in Twitter, according to a ranking of 50 magazines published by industry source Folio.

The ranking, released February 1, indicates that some traditional media outlets are successfully embracing new media, with eight of them claiming more than one million followers. According to statistics from Twitter Counter, out of 200 million Twitter accounts, less than 350 have more than one million followers.

Here are the five magazines with the most Twitter followers:

1. People - 2.3 million followers
2. Time - 2.3 million
3. InStyle - 1.9 million
4. Women's Wear Daily - 1.7 million
5. Entertainment Weekly - 1.5 million

Newsweek, Life and Health round out those with more than one million followers, while in the range between one million and half a million are Wired, The Economist, TV Guide and National Geographic.

At the time the list was released, Marie Claire had 314,275 followers, Sports Illustrated 292,197, and Rolling Stone 255,740, while Forbes ranked 32 with 211,941 followers.

Around or below 151,000 followers include Consumer Reports, Travel + Leisure, Playboy, Food & Wine, People (en Español), and Parenting in 50th place.

Some significant increases since October 2010 include Wired, which grew by 12%, and Vanity Fair and Consumer Reports, which also experienced double digit increases.

Currently, Lady Gaga boasts the most Twitter followers at 8 million. Next are Justin Bieber with 7 million, Britney Spears with 6.7 million and President Barack Obama with 6.6 million.