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Summer Dance Sat 8.15pm BBC2

Portrait of a Serial Kisser Sat 9.05pm C4

Mystery of the Senses Sun 8pm C4

From Fury to Forgiveness Sun 9pm C4

It's a sombre week coming up, what with VJ Day and Channel Four's Lethal Justice season filling the airwaves, but a strange third theme is also emerging: that of forgiveness. Programme of the week is Tuesday's Prisoners in Time (BBC1), the story of how former PoW Eric Lomax tracked down his Japanese torturer after 50 years. But running a close second is From Fury to Forgiveness (Sun C4), a powerful portrait of the close relations of three murder victims who have forgiven the perpetrators.

Marietta Jaeger's seven-year-old daughter was abducted on a camping holiday and never seen again. On the anniversary of the disappearance, she received a call from the kidnapper, and was astonished to find that her feelings for him were of compassion: since his prison suicide, she has made friends with his family and has even put flowers on his grave. Bill Pelke's grandmother, Ruth, was stabbed to death by a 15-year-old schoolgirl in the course of a burglary. After initial feelings that a death sentence was the only way to indicate the value of Ruth's life, Bill found himself involved in the campaign which commuted her death sentence. Suezann Bosler was left for dead by a man who also slaughtered her minister father. She pleaded for clemency for the killer in court. It would be far too pat to infer that forgiveness is the route to peace; one can only stand back in wonder at such emotional generosity.

From one sort of crime to another: Jose Alves de Moura has been arrested a total of 74 times and received 50 beatings at the hands of the police. Portrait of a Serial Kisser (Sat C4) follows the exploits of this irrepressible man, who, despite the disapproval of the authorities world-wide, believes that the only way to attain peace, love and harmony is to plant his lips on as many people as he can. So far, he has kissed some 400 celebs - not all on the lips, mind - including the Pope, Shirley MacLaine, Peter Gabriel and Frank Sinatra (who must have found it quite pleasant after Ava Gardner). While filmmaker Carlos Nader was accompanying him, he conceived a plan to snog George Bush at the Eco '92 conference in Rio. Tune in to find out how the Secret Service reacted.

Tired of osculation? Turn to mastication. This week's Mystery of the Senses (Sun C4) turns at last to taste, that combination of tongue nodes and nasal inhalation. Experts claims that there are only four different flavours that our tongues can register: sweet, sour, salt and bitter. This programme rapidly turns into a merry romp through world cuisine, but somehow it's hard to tire of watching sushi chefs slice up puffer fish, especially when you know that the intended recipient stands a good chance of dying from eating it.

Summer Dance (Sat BBC2) has a double treat in store: firstly, the amazing Siobhan Davies's White Bird Featherless, a consonant game based on an 18th-century riddle, and set to music by Gerald Barry. Then CandoCo perform Victoria Marks's Outside In. It's difficult to write about CandoCo, a group consisting of both able-bodied and disabled people, without sounding either worthy or patronising. So I'll just say this: they're great.