Pulitzer winning cartoonist gets iTunes app reprieve

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A once-rejected NewsToons political satire application for the iPhone was available at iTunes on Tuesday after Apple granted its Pulitzer Prize winning creator a reprieve.

Apple had rejected the NewsToons application in December on the grounds it violated the iconic California firm's developer rules by lambasting public officials.

Newstoons creator Mark Fiore was awarded a Pulitzer Prize this month for his work, triggering a story about a winner of the prestigious award being spurned by Apple.

Apple called Fiore and prompted him to resubmit his NewsToons application iTunes. He did so on Friday and it was swiftly approved for the App Store.

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs was publicly quoted as saying initially rejected Fiore's application was a mistake.

Fiore was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper as saying it felt "weird" to apparently get special treatment because he won a Pulitzer.