A Shameless ending? Fans react on Twitter to final episode of Channel 4 drama


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Last night saw the final ever episode of Shameless after its successful 10-year run, which reunited various faces from the past for the send off.

Viewers reacted on Twitter with a mixture of nostalgia and disappointment, with some hoping to see more from the finale. Others posted emotional tweets about the end of the eleven series, thanking Channel 4 for the programme.

The drama has received criticism since it first aired in 2003. Owen Jones, Independent columnist and author of Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class, recently warned that the characters on the show “are the exception, not the norm….What our TV screens need is a new wave of drama showing the reality of British life in enjoyable way.”

The Independent’s Arifa Akbar, however, praised the final episode: “This finale was as good as any of the best. It’s not as if Shameless ever got bad: it just got old, and, even then, it didn’t go out limping.”