American Horror Story finale, Fox - TV review

Surely such badass bitches deserved a more glorious send-off?

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The high-camp, high-fashion hysteria of this Coven series on American Horror Story (Fox) isn't for everyone, but those who've acquired a taste for tasteless, have enjoyed a riotous good ride. What a shame, then, that this finale was so uncharacteristically muted.

It was time to determine the coven's new "Supreme", requiring the witches to demonstrate their powers by competing in a supernatural olympics known as the Seven Wonders. Was this all an elaborate excuse for guest star Stevie Nicks to perform the Fleetwood Mac hit "Seven Wonders"? Yes, probably. But it was also a convenient opportunity for some gory deaths. Each series of the "anthology" show introduces a brand new story, location and cast of characters, which can result in some hurried goodbyes come the season finale.

Zoe was impaled on a railing during the "Transmutation" round, swamp witch Misty (Lily Rabe) never made it back from her underworld sojourn during the "Descensum", fashion maven Myrtle (Frances Conroy) was burned at the stake screaming "Balenciaga!" and Madison (Emma Roberts) was strangled by Frankenboy Kyle (Evan Peters). It wasn't so much that their deaths defied logic, it was that they didn't do justice to such memorable characters.

American Horror Story has always been noted for its portrayal of strong women, but Coven topped them all, adding race, class, disability and ageism to the cauldron for a timely take on intersectional feminism.

Surely such badass bitches deserved a more glorious send-off?