Atlantis, series 2, episode 2 - review: The Beeb's Saturday night charmer is getting epic

The BBC should be proud of this fantasy show that punches above its weight

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We are thrown straight into battle tonight as Pasiphae’s struggle to take over Atlantis really gets going.

It might not have the same budget as Game of Thrones but this week’s action sequences are quite spectacular.

The majority of this instalment is spent on the battlefield and there is not one moment of boredom.

Atlantis is now firmly in the realm of the blockbuster with its high production values - an achievement that the Beeb should be proud of. Everyone loves a CGI Cyclops, after all.


It does get a little bloody at times for a family show. But after the likes of The Hunger Games, the kids can handle it. It appears that the later time slot, which finishes on the watershed, has allowed the show’s makers to push the boundaries a bit.

And that's not all. The writing is stronger as series 2 gets going. The Earth-shattering revelation that Pasiphae is Jason’s mother will undoubtedly cause some fabulous ructions further down the line.

The characters too are developing and getting darker. Queen Ariadne (Aiysha Hart) is earning her regal stripes – she’s given her first kill order. There’s only so long she could remain the simpering, soft princess.

Unfortunately Hart is extremely wooden in her portrayal as the head of Atlantis - even her tears lack believability.

If last week’s cheesy opener was supposed to gently ease us back into the series, episode 2 hits the accelerator pedal and takes us on an exciting adventure with lots of swordplay along the way.