Being Mike Tyson, TV review: This is therapy TV - and not a bad PR job, either


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Being Mike Tyson continued on Fox last night. This is a fly-on-the-wall look at Tyson's current life as a bad man trying to Break Good. Tyson spent much of these 22 minutes self-flagellating. "If I was my son, I wouldn't be friends with me. I wouldn't talk to me," he said, droopily, at one point over footage of all his children joining him for bowling. It's therapy TV. And not a bad PR job, either.

Early in the episode, Mike went to see one his heroes – NFL legend Jim Brown – for some fatherly advice. A good call because Brown has a sloow waay wiith woords that lends an air of wisdom to whatever he was saying.

So whether he was talking about Tyson decking Spinks in '88 or reading out the ironing instructions on a pair of nylon shorts, he sounded like a sage. The two talked about missing fathers. "Those of us who never had a father," intoned Brown, "there's a tremendous impact that's had on our lives." He sounded like the wisest man on the planet.

Mike's not quite reached that level of wisdom yet, though. At one point, his wife Kiki asked him his son's middle name (which he gave him) and he was stumped. But he's trying his best. To the extent of gifting viewers my new all-time favourite quote about parenthood: "The hell with me watching Investigation Discovery, I want to spend time with these kids." Amen to that.