#BlackMirror: Your reviews of Charlie Brooker's latest drama in 140 characters


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#blackmirror was trending earlier this morning as people spoke about their sleepless, dreamless nights after watching the second episode “White Bear”. Even Xtra Factor presenter Caroline Flack said the show was the “Best.Thing.On.Telly”, but did you agree?


A million people half-watching a dystopian vision about screen addiction while simultaneously tweetin about it @charltonbrooker#blackmirror


The bleakest, most dystopian bit of #BlackMirror for me was tuning in early and accidentally watching Embarrassing Bodies.


This is what would happen if the Daily Mail ran the country.#blackmirror


Best. Thing. On. Telly . #blackmirror


The amount of #blackmirror tweets saying that's what we should do to child killers is astonishing. YOU'VE MISSED THE WHOLE POINT


The majority of #BlackMirror tweets are people trying to prove they understand the plot.


#BlackMirror was pretty intense last night.. not sure it's on par with the first three though


Some reviews of last week's #BlackMirror said Brooker had lost his 'dark' edge. Don't think they'll be saying the same after last night.


Was it just me or was last nights #blackmirror a total piss take of Derren Brown?


Large numbers of people tweeting this morning that #BlackMirror gave them nightmares/sleepless nights. Me too, brethren.


#BlackMirror terrific as usual but if it wanted me to disagree with extreme punishment, it made me stop and think but ultimately failed.


#BlackMirror is making people who should know better act like 15 year olds that just read Catcher In the Rye.