Boy Meets Girl, TV review

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If you want a more contemporary sort of contemporary comedy then you could always stay tuned to BBC2 for its other new Thursday night series, Boy Meets Girl, which contains the memorable, and too rarely uttered, line "I was born with a penis". Context is all, here. It is delivered over the menus during the first dinner date of the transsexual Judy, the older woman, played by Rebecca Root, embarking on a relationship with a younger man, Leo (played by Harry Hepple).

Here we explored the full-on relationship amusement park that is the new Britain. Unfortunately, the acting, on the whole, and the scripts didn't really live up to the innovative promise of the series. Call me an inverted bigot, if you must, but by far the best scene was when Judy explains to her new beau how it felt to grow up "in the wrong body" – "like a being born in prison with no release date". That was unexpectedly and extremely moving, and there were many other warm moments, but fewer laughs, as if this was a comedy trapped in the wrong script.

Maybe the BBC could take the best of the old and the new. May I suggest "Del Boy Meets Girl"?