Cardinal Burns, Channel 4, TV review: It's not big but it is rather funny


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Last night witnessed the welcome return of Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns, the titular Cardinal Burns (Channel 4) who returned for a second series of their sketch show.

The best sketch shows – Python, Fast Show et al – combine laser-guided comic chops with an ability to be egregiously silly. Cardinal Burns are almost there with both.

Their tone is spot on, too. This episode opened with a big set piece of two drunken City boys strolling into the middle of a rough-looking skipping competition (funnier than it sounds). They also riffed on the seemingly infinite wait for packages at the Post Office depot (their man had to pick up the package from a Crystal Maze-type set in the back of the depot).

Even the puerile stuff made me giggle: a yoga class in the Made in Chelsea spoof "Young Dreams" is ruined by farts (a very real fear, I fear) and the show closed with a boy band who have – for no clearly discernible reason – various parts of the male genitalia on their faces.

It's not big, but it is rather funny.