Children in Need 2014: Doctor Who Christmas Special clip sees Peter Capaldi in cahoots with Santa

A short scene from the forthcoming festive special was shown tonight. But what does it tell us about the episode?

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We've already seen the teaser trailer but tonight fans have been given another sneak peek of this year's Doctor Who Christmas special.

It appears that the sci-fi drama is going to stay dark despite the festive cheer (and the arrival of Santa) this year. But we would expect nothing less from Peter Capaldi's the Time Lord.

“I know what this is and I know what’s happening and I know what’s at stake,” the twelfth Time Lords tells Father Christmas ominously.

The pair already appear to be in cahoots as the fate of the universe hangs in the balance (doesn't it always?).

It's the team up we've been waiting for and it's going to be interesting to see Santa Claus and the Doctor work together but it's not going to be saccharine by any means.

The aptly-named Frost gives his own spin to Saint Nick and it great - he does the "ho,ho,ho" cliche before veering away from the more jolly incarnations of Santa.


Those Christmas elves are the most wise-cracking and cynical duo of helpers that have graced Doctor Who. However, there's an inkling there'ye going to get pretty annoying quite quickly. They probably should put a stocking in it.

Perhaps the most interesting revelation of the evening is seeing Clara back in the Tardis again. Will they bring Danny Pink back to her? That would be the best Christmas present for her and fans. Poor, old Danny.

The Doctor Who Christmas special will be show on Christmas Day.