Couples Come Dine With Me, Channel 4, review

Channel 4 has added a moreish new ingredient to the reality TV recipe

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Why has nobody thought of this before?

Just as our appetite for the bottomless supply of Come Dine With Me had begun to fade, Channel 4 has added a moreish new ingredient to the reality TV recipe.

Couples Come Dine With Me pits three couples against each other in the dinner party challenge. Now, in addition to passing judgement on other people’s hospitality and cooking, we also get to assess if their relationships pass muster.

In tonight’s episode, we meet North London fashionistas Darren and Sian, high-flying toffs Stephen and Ayesha and the hilariously tetchy Dawn and Simon.

They’ve been married for longer than Sian’s been alive (27 years) and never a cross word.

“You’ve done a wonderful job, wife,” says Simon surveying her caramelised garlic tart with chili jam. “I hope you choke on it,” is Dawn’s icy reply. She’s joking. Probably.

Video: Watch the 'toffs' attempt to use a blender

Meanwhile Darren/Sian’s reaction to meeting Stephen/Ayesha illustrates the subtle distinctions of the British class system, in perhaps the least subtle way ever “Oh my God!” screeches Darren, “Two toffs!”