Cucumber, TV review: Henry continues to skirt the line between pathetic and liberated


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Tonight's episode of Cucumber was raunchy even by the show's own high standards.

Both Henry (Vincent Franklin) and Lance (Cyril Nri) were within a (pubic) hair's breadth of getting just what they'd been lusting after for several episodes past, but these parallel sex scenes aside, the ex-partners were in very different places.

We might cheer Lance on, but Henry's behaviour continued to skirt the line between pathetic and liberated. "Answer me this Henry, 46, do you have any idea what you look like?" asked Freddie's horrified parents when they came face to face with their son's new middle-aged flatmate.

"Actually, I look like a man who is not remotely beholden to you!" said Henry triumphantly, before marching off to his room. It was a short-lived and no doubt Pyrrhic victory, but a victory nonetheless.